Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Welcome, Woolfolk!

Yarns By Design's newest yarn has arrived and it is fabulous! Woolfolk joined our family in October and customers and employees have been enjoying it ever since. It's easy to fall in love with the comfortable yet luxurious feel and rich range of colors.
Arkade scarf made by Sandy with Woolfolk Får
The Woolfolk company prides themselves on their high quality wool  coming from the Patagonian Grasslands and their ethical and sustainable practices. They describe the science behind their "Ultimate Merino" fiber:

"The presence of coarse fibers in wool create “prickle”-- the main obstacle to wearing and working with wool. Most wool products have a high percentage of over 30 microns - the diameter measure of a strand of fiber. Ultimate Merino® has a micron count of 17.5, and combines the hand of cashmere with the wear of merino. The long cylindrical fibers, with a surface that is smoother due to elongated, flat scales, reflect light and absorb dye better than elliptical fibers, resulting in lustrous yarns with deep and lasting hues."

Yarns By Design currently stocks three Woolfolk yarns: Får, Sno and Tynd. Får is a chainette structure, worsted weight and 142 yards per skein. Tynd is fingering weight, 223 yards per skein. Sno is Tynd's sidekick-coming in the same weight, structure, and feel but in a two toned marled version. 

Woolfolk patterns are also a delight to use. They are both practical and cosmopolitan. 
Co-owner Sandy has already finished two scarves made with Woolfolk. One is the long and luxurious  Arkade scarf made with Får, the other is a design by Sandy which she calls the London Calling Wrap, made by using a double strand of both Tynd and Sno. Natalie knitted the Morning Walk Hat  also using both Tynd and Sno. 
London Calling Wrap made by Sandy with Woolfolk Tynd and Sno

Morning Walk Hat made by Natalie with Woolfolk Tynd and Sno

Shop our online boutique or stop by today to get your Woolfolk yarn and patterns. Let us know what you think and be sure to share your finished projects with us!


Sarah with Yarns By Design