Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Habu is here!

We're so excited to announce that our latest Habu order has arrived and hit the shelves! Among the fibers that we now carry are:
  • A-32, silk mohair
  • N-68, 1/3.5 linen wool roving
  • XS-21 and XS-55, L25/3 linen
  • A-1, 2/17 tsumugi silk
  • A-166, 2/30 ramie 100
  • N-67B, 2mm. linen paper
  • A-20 and A-21, 1/20 silk stainless
  • N-75, 2/48 fine merino
  • A-177, 2/48 super fine merino
  • A-174, 1/8.5 cotton gima

In addition to these wonderful fibers, we've also received several new patterns using Habu yarns, and two books that feature Habu yarns - Haiku Knits and Ori Ami Knits - are on their way to the boutique. Stop in today to see these unique fibers in person!

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