Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This just in: Habu, Haiku Knits and Ori Ami Knits!


YBD is thrilled to announce the arrival of our latest Habu Textiles order, plus the arrival of two books that feature Habu's yarns: Haiku Knits and Ori Ami Knits!

We've restocked Habu's Cotton Gima, Linen, Fine Merino and Silk Stainless yarns. New to us is their Ultra Fine Stainless Steel Thread, with the excellent message on the label: "Yardage not available, but A LOT".

In Haiku Knits, author and designer Tanya Alpert features 25 designs that celebrate originality, simplicity, sophisticated color and comfortable fit. Her "Lantern Floating" pattern brings together Habu's Silk Stainless and Super Fine Merino into a softly felted, romantic top and skirt. The book also features some other fine yarns that we currently stock, including Rowan Cocoon.

Ori Ami Knits - featuring designs from Olga Buraya-Kefelian, Vanessa Yap-Einbund and Kirsten Johnstone - is a collection of 13 pieces that focus on the concepts of folding, pleating, draping and combining textures. The "Concertina Dress" uses Habu Linen and has intricate detailing around the neckline. The linen yarn's flowing drape is perfectly suited for summer days. The "Abyss Jacket" uses two strands of two different colors of Tsumugi Silk held together (for a total of four strands) and is a perfect addition to any wardrobe. With classic tailoring and minimalist feature details, this garment is a true crowd-pleaser.

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