Friday, November 4, 2011

Knit Cook Patterns

The Knit Cook patterns are new to the YBD boutique. We are very excited to share Darlene's designs with you.

Darlene started Knit Cook as a way to share her passion for the good life - at least her version of it - one that is rich with creative possibility. The Knit Cook patterns are simple yet slightly sophisticated wearable knits. Darlene also likes to share some ideas about her other two passions, cooking and gardening. Her hope with Knit Cook is to inspire you to get out your knitting needles, get into the kitchen, and out to the garden - even if your garden is just a pot on your balcony - and create something wonderful.

Below are a few of the patterns we have available at the boutique. Also, Darlene will be sending a handful of her beautiful creations with Takako, from Habu Textiles, for our upcoming Fall Fashion Show on Friday, November 11th (call to pre-register).

Fibers: Habu Textiles A60 - Shosenshi Linen Paper, Habu Textiles N75 - Fine Merino

Named for a french cider apple, this elegant cardigan is as versatile as it is easy to knit. The body is made in one piece using a striking but deceptively simple stitch pattern, while the garter stitch collar is worked separately.

This pattern includes a recipe for Brandied Cherry Ice Cream.

Fibers: Habu Textiles A174 - Cotton Gima

A crisp tailored cardigan has a place in everyone's wardrobe. The top part of this cardigan is worked from sleeve to sleeve, with the peplum picked up and worked from the bottom of the bodice, so seaming is minimal. The buttonholes are added after the knitting is finished.

This pattern includes a recipe for Pea Pod Salad with Almonds.

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