Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Needle Felting

What is Needle Felting? Simply put, it is felting without water. Instead, you use special, barbed felting needles to push the top layer of wool into deeper layers. The unique property of wool fiber that allows it to "fuse" to itself causes the wool to felt, without the need for soap and water.

One can either choose to add embellishments to their knitting or crochet projects or add simple lines and shapes to spark a little more interest to plain felting. This sort of needle felting is flat.

One of the greatest perks of needle felting is that with this technique you can create such a variety of projects that the only limit is your imagination. 3-D sculptures are so impressive that any crafter is sure to want to try it at least once in her lifetime. You can create toys for your kids or make really exquisite sculptures which are true masterpieces.

To begin needle felting you'll need to gather a few supplies, all of which are available at YBD:
- a needle felting brush or piece of foam, which allows the needles to go through the fiber and beyond without damaging the needles or the surface below
- a needle felting tool, either a single needle or a tool which has multiple needles inside a plastic or wood sleeve
- wool roving in various colors, or wool yarn or cut out pieces of felt

by Tammy Haller, YBD Needle Felting Instructor

Available at YBD:
Needle Felting Foam

Plastic Needle Felting Tool

Wood Needle Felting Tool

A few of the many colors of roving we have available at YBD

Register for YBD's Needle Felting Class
Instructor: Tammy Haller
Date: Thursday, June 14
Time: 6:00-8:00pm
Cost: $35.00

Description: The student will learn the proper way to use the felting needles to felt wool roving into a 3-D animal. The basic shapes including rolls or tubes, balls, folds and cones will be demonstrated.
Materials Included: Core wool, roving, black wire for whiskers, bamboo skewer, foam pad
Supplies Needed: Size 36 triangle felting needle, size 38 star felting needle, size 40 triangle felting needle, small scissors, large head sewing pins

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