Thursday, November 15, 2012

November Knit Happy Club

I would like to share with you the finished projects from the November Knit Happy Club. The ladies all did an amazing job on there shawls. The Trellis Lace and Flower Shawl features short row shaping around the neckline so it stays on the shoulders allowing ease of movement yet it is lightweight while still adding warmth for cooler weather.

We suggested the members to use Spud & Chloe's Sock yarn for the project. One student used a worsted weight yarn which provided a slightly different look on the trellis lace pattern which turned out quite beautiful.


What is a short row? Short Rows are useful for making soft curves or darts in fabric. They are rows that are only partially worked before turning. Short rows are made by sneaking little short rows into the middle of the work--rows which don't go from edge to edge. A good friend and vendor of Skacel introduced to me the German Short Row method. I do find this method to be the simplest and cleanest looking. In essence the German Short Row method is short rows without the wrap and turn. To get a visual understanding of this method, visit YouTube to choose from a selection of tutorials.

Finished shawls by Linda and Kathie

Finished shawl by Michele

Finished shawl by Jackie

Works in progress by Pat, Peggy, Robi and Donna

Many thanks to each of you women, you make for a fun and exciting group! And, to Sandy for making delicious pumpkin muffins for the occasion.

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