Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Teen Knit / Crochet Club

Join YBD’s weekly teen club (ages 13-18). Whether you are new to the fiber arts or want to expand on the basics, this club will be perfect for you. The instructor will teach (or review) the basic stitches of your chosen craft. Throughout the course, the student will work with different fibers and weights while expanding on the basic stitches to complete several projects. The final class will give the student an opportunity to display his/her completed projects with the other students while celebrating their success.

TUESDAY 5:15-6:45pm
weekly for 10 weeks (June 18 - August 20)
Cost: $20/1 class or $140/10 week course

Yarns By Design
(412) 794-8332 - YBDoakmont.com

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