Monday, July 15, 2013

Louet Euroflax Linen

Grey Loop by Helen G

This free pattern is a simple yet pleasing oversized cowl that can be worn looped loosely or wrapped an extra time for more warmth.

© scratchnsniff

Euroflax Linen is the perfect fiber to knit this cowl in. Louet's long line linen yarn is made out of flax-fiber, which is custom wet spun for Louet North America. The factory where the yarn is spun has been in operation for several generations and they are capable of very high quality, fine yarn production including double-boiling the yarn to give a very soft and exceptional quality. Louet also steam process the yarn to ensure maximum softness. This fiber is both machine washable and dry.

At the YBD boutique we have a variety of subtle colors to choose from. Here is a small sampling of our favorites.

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