Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Habu Textiles Cotton Gima Print

Linen Top by Kat Coyle

This free pattern is a good summer knitting project (no heavy wool here) and a good summer top to wear. The work is done from side to side and stretches open quite a bit after blocking.

© GanomyLove

The suggested fiber to knit this airy summer top with is Cotton Gima Print by Habu Textiles. This is a "printed" cotton Gima. Gima means "fake linen" in Japanese. It feels like linen, and softens up greatly as soon as you handle or wash it. Only 3-4 balls of this yarn will make a whole garment. Yarns By Design has a selection of color options to choose from, see below of a few of our favorites.

© YBDoakmont

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