Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Caribou & Simplicity by HiKoo

New at the Yarns By Design boutique are these adorable cuddly critters knit with HiKoo's Caribou and Simplicity. We have all of the neutral colors available to begin your Caribou Critter today. Stop by the boutique to get started.

Caribou by HiKoo is an incomparably soft, fluffy yarn which will be an instant favorite in your knitting basket. With 93 yards and suggested needle of US 9-11, this versatile super bulky yarn is perfect for fuzzy toys, cozy baby blankets and elegant faux fur garments alike. Keep the knitting simple and let the yarn do all the work!

© skacel

Simplicity by HiKoo is a value yarn that is an excellent choice for afghans, children's wear, and anything else that get's daily use. This machine washable wool blend feels like butter in your hands while knitting, but is a true "work horse" of a yarn.

© skacel

Caribou Critters designed by CiD Hanscom, are awe-dorably cuddly and cute! Made out of the super-soft Caribou, and durable Simplicity by HiKoo, they will remain intact after hours and hours of cuddles!

The pattern includes instructions for all three animals - dog, bear, and monkey.

© skacel

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