Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Raspberry Ripple Shawlette Kit

Raspberry Ripple takes its name from the way the gently waving edges suggest ripples, the way the bumpy texture of the red silk center panel suggests ripe raspberries, and the way my brain will use any excuse to suggest ice cream. Wear Raspberry Ripple to keep your neck and shoulders warm while enjoying your favorite frozen treat!

© Meghan C. Radick

Raspberry Ripple is a triangular shawlette, knit from the bottom point to the top, with a lace edging on either side of a textured triangular center panel. A handful of colors are available to choose from.

The instructions given are for a shawlette knit with two skeins of Lantern Moon’s Indochine yarn, but the pattern can easily be adapted to any size/weight of yarn. Indochine is a luxurious 100% silk yarn made exclusively for Lantern Moon in a mill in Vietnam. Indochine is the result of working directly with their producer to create a beautiful 100% mulberry silk, spun to their specifications, creating a sport weight yarn that feels wonderful in the hand and makes a luxurious fabric.

The kit is available at Yarns By Design and includes the pattern, 2 skeins of Indochine and a Recycled Paper Yarn Bowl. The creatively made bowl of wrapped recycled paper is the perfect size for a ball of yarn.

© Yarns By Design

© Yarns By Design

© Yarns By Design

© Lantern Moon

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