Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Make Lace In Public Day

Thursday, October 1st from 10am - 8pm at Yarns By Design boutique in Oakmont, PA.

The International Organization of Lace Inc. (IOLI) has declared October 1st “Make Lace in Public Day.” As a charter chapter of IOLI, the Pittsburgh Lace Group will be making bobbin lace all day at Yarns By Design on Allegheny River Boulevard in Oakmont.

Bobbin lace is a type of lacemaking that dates back to the late Renaissance. It is made by crossing and twisting lengths of thread that are wound upon bobbins. Essentially a form of off-loom weaving, bobbin lace patterns are formed by using pins placed into a pattern pinned into place on a sturdy padded form called a “pillow.”

The Lace Group regularly demonstrates at the annual Holiday Open House held at the University of Pittsburgh Nationality Rooms. We can be found making lace there in the Croghan-Schenley Ballroom. The Group also demonstrates lacemaking at Pittsburgh's yearly Folk Festival. We have demonstrated and provided talks to several groups throughout the years. Some of you may remember that in the past we were at the Oakmont Library with a large display of assorted laces and related tools.

We are grateful to Yarns By Design for providing us with a place to sit and make lace like lacemakers have since the 1500’s. There will be at least one lacemaker in the shop on October 1st during regular shop hours. We will answer questions, provide an opportunity for people to try their hand on a pillow, show off our personal tools and completed projects and most importantly make lace.

Come see what we have to show you. After all, without the public, it isn’t “in public.”

More information is available here.

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