Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Wrist Ruler: A Functional Accessory

If you are like me, you are always taking a project with you wherever you go. Sometimes, you just really wish you packed your tape measure too! This problem has a fun and fashionable solution and it is at Yarns By Design…the Wrist Ruler- a bracelet that doubles as a ruler. The bracelets have both inches and centimeters etched on them and are made in the USA.

This bracelet easily measures up to any of your other accessories. 

They come in two lengths of either 15 or 17 inches and designed to be wrapped around your wrist twice for a stylish look that goes with everything.  The genuine leather bracelets will look good on everyone as they come in three shades: medium brown, dark brown or black. I think the leather looks great with anything denim and can be dressed up or down (of course with your favorite handmade top, shawl or pullover).

Prepared for any project on the go. 

Are bracelets not your look but you like the idea of having a ruler with you on the go? We also have the keychain ruler,  you can find them at our boutique in both light brown or black.

Ruler Keychains.

What other accessory or tool do you not leave home without when taking your project with you? Leave a comment here or stop in and tell us about it! 


Sarah with Yarns By Design

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