Tuesday, October 3, 2017

October fun!

Hello, October! Orange is definitely the new black when it comes to October knit and crochet projects. The Yarns By Design team is very excited about the fun that comes with October. You MUST stop by the boutique to see the latest window display…it's fun, it's spooky, it's full of yarn.

A sneak peek at Yarns By Design in October.

Nothing says October like a pumpkin! I always wonder why we give these beautiful fruits (arguably a vegetable, too) only a short bit of our attention span. I think they should be enjoyed all year long. I can't think of many other fruits where we use it for so many reasons, inside and out. The pumpkin flesh and seeds makes its way into soups, pastas, salads, breads and desserts. We spend hours picking out, carving and decorating the "perfect pumpkin". Why not knit or crochet one too?

I found this quick and easy pattern to crochet this pumpkin. I added eyes and a smile. 

An adorable amigurumi pumpkin. 

Here are a few ideas from other pumpkins around the boutique, one knitted and one felted. 
Knitted pumpkin. 
Bonus! It holds candy!
Fuzzy and fun felted pumpkin. 

Check out this Ravelry link for a ton of pumpkin related knit and crochet projects including costumes, blankets, socks and hats. 

Tell us about your favorite pumpkin project or let us know what you are working on this October!


Sarah with Yarns By Design

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