Friday, December 9, 2011

Stocking Stuffers...

JUL Designs: Pedestal Buttons are improvisational.

These closures require no commitment, no sewing and no pre-planned button holes. Instead, pedestal buttons are flexible components that can transform garments!

We carry a wide selection of colors to enhance any garment. The images below show you a sampling of the designs and patterns (by Andrea Marquis) available at the YBD boutique.


JUL Designs work directly with clothing and bag designers to develop integral bag jewelry and accessory designs in unconventional materials. Many JUL metal designs are created by Laura Bellows(designer, founder and principal owner of JUL) in wax, cast by hand in silver, and later reproduced in US casting studios in non-precious metals.
Other designs are generated in conjunction with Balinese co-designer Agus Astradhi (designer and co-owner of JUL) and made by hand in Bali.

Pattern: Infinity Scarf designed by Andrea Marquis

Pattern: Passionvine Shrug designed by Andrea Marquis

Pattern: Cobblestone Neckwarmer designed by Andrea Marquis

Pattern: Rivulet designed by Andrea Marquis

To use Pedestal Button, unscrew the backing and remove the back disk (on the screw mechanism shank), work the shank gently in between the stitches of your knitwear from the front. Place the back disk of leather, smooth side out, over the screw shank on the inside of knitwear. Screw in the backing with your fingers to secure.

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