Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stocking Stuffers...

SIG'NITS - a brand-new way to put your signature on hand-knits!

Knitters love to put a personal touch on their projects - especially when it's a gift for someone special. Until now, embroidered labels were the only choice . . .

Now! There are sig'nits



What are sig'nits?
sig’nits are beads that you can knit into your project to identify creations as your own

“That baby afghan was definitely knit by Aunt Mary – she loves ladybugs and ALWAYS knits a little ladybug into her work for good luck!”

“Kathleen, you must have knit that sweater. I see the little "K" stitched into your sleeve!"

- Select a symbol to use as your personal “brand”
- Meaningful to each person: an initial, favorite animal or character
- Every time you knit or crochet something, you trademark it with your personal sig’nit.

How do sig’nits work?
- sig’nits are high quality die-cast beads made from durable pewter
- Will not rust or tarnish, long-lasting for the life of your project. Made in USA, they are safe and lead-compliant
- sig’nits are pre-drilled with a hole large enough to pull a strand of yarn, up to heavy worsted weight, through the bead using the “bead-it!” method
- For heavier weight yarn, sig’nits can be inserted by dividing fibers, instructions are included
- Each kit has enough beads for six projects, along with a fine gauge crochet hook and instructions

Visit the YBD boutique today to select from the many Sig'nits we have to choose from.

Images and text are copyrighted by sig'nits

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