Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dream Club & Knit Club

It is the time of year to register for a club at YBD. Both the Dream Club and Knit Club will provide a season of creativity, that will engage both your mind and body. When one knits socially, the benefits are great. One increases their social skills and establishes friendships that can last a life-time. Besides the obvious advantage of creating useful articles and garments, knitters enjoy a host of health benefits both physical and psychological. Register with a friend and you both will receive $5.00 off (please mention offer).

Dream Club:
The Dream Club features the Dream-In-Color yarns in colors only available to club members. Even though the yarn, color and pattern are a surprise (it's part of the fun!), we can tell you that there will be a variety of yarn weights and fiber blends featured throughout the course of the club.

Every month from September 2013 until March 2014 (minus December), we will offer a unique colorway paired with a pattern specifically created to showcase that month’s yarn.

Dream Club Membership is $250 for 6 months (yarn & pattern are included). Pre-registration is required, space is limited.


Knit Club:
The Knit Club also meets monthly and focuses on improving our knitting techniques and skills. Edye will meet with the students to pick out the selection of projects for the season. Each student will learn how to take measurements for the perfect fit. This club is great for the students whom want a more in-depth course on knitting.

The Yarns By Design Knit Club is a Members Only Club that will meet monthly from September - April (no December meeting). Club Meetings are one Tuesday (5:15-6:45pm) or Saturday (11:00-12:30pm) of every month.

Each month you’ll have lots of fun, receive exclusive boutique offers & discounts throughout the 2013-2014 season, receive 10% off on purchases the night of the club, receive 20% off the fiber needed for the monthly project, learn a new technique and knit a project using that month’s technique.

Club Membership is $100.00 for 7 months. Pre-registration is required, space is limited.



Call the Yarns By Design boutique to register today (412-794-8332).

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