Monday, September 9, 2013

Habu Textiles Wrapped Silk

Anna by Julie Weisenberger

Anna is knitted sideways from cuff to cuff with big needles. This makes her a quick and seamless knit with a very open, net-like fabric. You begin at the cuff of one ribbed sleeve, continue across the body in reverse stockinette stitch with an asymmetrical hemline and end with the second ribbed sleeve. Anna is great over a tank or t-shirt to add coverage without adding too much extra warmth.

© cocoknits

Wrapped Silk by Habu Textiles is a great fiber to knit Anna with. 4 strands of fine merino is wrapped in super fine silk. Because it is wrapped, not plied, the colors show in a very subtle way in between each other. Has a good stretch. At the Yarns By Design boutique, we have every color available.

© YBDoakmont

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